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Here’s a short list of what’s inside:

  • How to take advantage of what your competition is NOT doing (or what they’re afraid to do)  and turn your action into tens of thousands of dollars every month!
  • Important data that will give you the confidence to take action and measure your effectiveness.
  • What to say that will INSTANTLY get a top-producing realtor to say “Yes!” to an appointment with you.
  • The “golden phrase” that builds massive trust and increases your probability of getting leads QUICKLY (or even walking away with deals on the spot!)
  • How to establish chemistry and a genuine connection that will earn you loads of referrals FAST.
  • And much more!


After you download your FREE REPORT, I’m going to send you 3 Bonus Videos that dissect the crucial “Know, Like & Trust” Factor that will determine whether or not you win an agent’s business, every single time:

  • Video # 1: KNOW – The first step in building a relationship with a top-producing realtor is get them to know who you are!  I’m going to break down – and then give away for FREE – the EXACT script I used to book and go on 72 appointments in 4 months!
  • Video # 2: LIKE  – The second step is to build rapport authentically so they actually like you and WANT to do business with you!  I’m going to give you the rapport building questions and then demonstrate EXACTLY how to manufacture chemistry so you set yourself up for winning their business.
  • Video # 3: TRUST – The third step is EARN the agent’s trust.  Just because they know and like you definitely does not mean they’re going to send you business!  I’m going to reveal the hidden concern ALL agents have and share EXACTLY what to say to alleviate it and get referrals QUICKLY!

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