3 Powerful Lessons Learned In The Peruvian Mountains

Last week I returned from a 9-day trip from Peru.  I flew to Lima, then went interior to Cusco, and then a one hour drive to Pisaq, a quaint little town in a valley of the great Andes mountains.

It was a spectacular journey for so many reasons.  The beauty of the surrounding mountains; the energy of the loving people; the healthy vegetarian food; the hiking and excursions; the space to think, reflect, heal and create.

In short, the journey was life-changing as I expanded my consciousness and opened my heart inside a powerful ayahuasca retreat.

Open my heart?  Expand consciousness??  Ayahuasca???  I get this may be a bit outside of the box for many.  And I can promise you, it was for me too.  But looking back on my experience, it was one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself.

If you’re not familiar, ayahuasca is a plant-based “medicine” that has been used by indigenous cultures for centuries to heal emotional wounds, strip away fear, doubt, insecurity and limiting beliefs and open up space for maximum creativity and creation.

Physiologically, ayahuasca comes from combining a very specific vine and plant from the jungle.  The two are ground up, water is added, and the cocktail is boiled at a specific temperature and for a very specific length of time to create the powerful medicine.

After consuming by drinking about a cup, ayahuasca opens up your neuropathways to allow your body’s natural “joy” chemical – serotonin – to flow freely throughout your body.

However, many of us have blockages that stop serotonin from flowing freely.  These blockages are more mental and emotional than physical.  Fear, doubt, insecurity and limiting beliefs block our joy; ayahuasca removes those blockages, allowing you to move into a state of pure bliss, and as a result giving you the space to become your most powerful self.

As I reflect on my powerful week in Peru, here are 3 things that opened up for me that have already made a significant difference in my life:

1.  Life is a playground; therefore, the appropriate way to act is to play.  The spirit of a child is infectious.  We can’t help but be drawn in and mesmerized by a child when she is fully engaged in play.

We lose this sense of playfulness in our transition to adulthood and most never experience it again.  But it is this exact way of being that allows for our greatest joy to emerge.

All of the stress of life – from making ends meet to making relationships work – dissipates when we operate through the lens of play.

One of the things I heard this past week loud and clear was:stop taking life so damn seriously.  We’re not curing cancer, and even if we were, we can be playful with that too.

Making more money, growing a business, paying off debt, cultivating relationships, taking care of our bodies, setting and achieving goals: all of it can be done playfully.

How?  Start by smiling.  Right now.  Just smile!  How does that feel?  Laugh more.  Engage people all around you with a light, playful, cheerful attitude.  Be curious, not judgemental.  Compliment people.  Leave people feeling loved, supported, inspired, encouraged, superior, befriended and heard.

Play.  It is the path to joy.

2.  Space is crucial to creativity and creation.  One important aspect of the ayahuasca retreat is the stripping away of fear, doubt, insecurity and limiting beliefs.

In the first ceremony, I purged.  Big time.  To say it plainly, I puked my guts out for 2 straight hours.  I thought I was dying.  But in fact the opposite was happening: I was being reborn. 

On the other side of the purging – when all the doubt and fear was gone – I was left feeling completely and utterly cleansed.  I was pure love and joy.

With all of that fear and doubt gone, my creative faculties began to swirl and go into action.  I spent hours of inspired quiet time creating a business model for 2014.  It  just came to me like an ocean tide coming in.  I can’t remember a time when I was more inspired or more clear about an idea!

Most of us have so many layers of doubt, fear, insecurity and limiting beliefs that we have no space to be creative and create something powerful and inspiring.  All that doubt and fear is resistence and stands in the way of being our very best, most authentic, attractive, creative, charismatic self.

The mortgage business is one of relationships, and one of the most powerful ways to build deep relationships fast is to show up as your most authentic self.

To unleash your true power so others really get who you are, you need to open your heart.  I invite you to ask yourself: do you operate with an open heart?  Or are you guarded, protective, judgemental, cautious and suspicious?  These are crucial questions to ask if you’re not getting the results that you desire.

3.  Make collaboration the heart of your business.  One of the things that came through loud and clear to me is the importance of collaboration.  As a coach, it’s easy to become a lone wolf and feel like I’m on an island.

What I realized is that collaboration is not just about doing a business transaction with other parties.  It’s about creating a joyful, shared experience.  Think about those words: a joyful, shared experience.

In the mortgage business it’s easy to complain about all the hands in the cookie jar.  I invite you to look through a new lens.  Shift your perspective from the challenge of multiple parties to the opportunity to create a joyful, shared experience.

Use these words with your processors, team members, realtors, appraisers, title reps, clients and anyone else in the transaction!  Ask people: what would it look like to create a joyful, shared experience on each and every deal?   Commit to that and watch your business shift.

In the end, my Peruvian retreat was a complete life reset.  I no longer fear failure or scarcity or rejection, or doubt my abilities to create anything.  It’s a choice.  And I choose to play big, play full out and play with this life.

If you’d like to know more about my experience, feel free to contact me.

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