A Great Tech Idea To Control Your Time

I recently spent time with a potential coaching client to understand his business and look for ways I could serve him and add value to his business and life.

We spent the better part of the day together and it was wildly unproductive.  His phone rang every 30 seconds and he answered it every single time.

Granted, the guy is a big producer – he does north of $100 million in production – but his business was jerking him around like a ragdoll.

Whether you’re doing $100 million or $10 million or “any” million for that matter, getting control of your time is a crucial pillar of your business that is going to dictate how productive you are, how much balance you achieve and strongly influence your stress levels.

Learning From The Best

One of the benefits of coaching multiple elite-level MLOs is that I get to learn their “success factors” and appropriately share them with my other clients.  (appropriate being anything that would not create a competitive situation or divulge proprietary information or intellectual property).

I’m currently working with one of the biggest mortgage producers in Canada and he shared a two-step phone strategy that is ridiculously simple but mind-blowingly effective.

Step 1: Turn Your Phone Into Your Portable Database

Here’s what to do: enter every single person that has every called you in your life as a new contact in your phone.  Yes: every single one.  One way to do this would be to go through your “recents” and add all the phone #s as a new contact.  Or you can sync your phone with your database.

When your phone rings, 99% of the time it will now have a name attached to it and you can make an instant decision if you should answer it or not.  Most of the time you can let known contacts go to voicemail and call them back.  If the number comes up without a contact name, there’s really only one possibility of who it is: a new prospect.  Go ahead and take that call and take the application or forward to your assistant to handle on the spot.

Step 2: Contract An Answering Service When You’re Unavailable

If you have an assistant then the phone gets forwarded to that person and you don’t have to contract the new service.  If you don’t, use an answering service and script them.

This way when you’re in an appointment – which could mean you’re with another client, eating dinner with your family, playing golf or doing anything other than taking calls – all incoming calls get answered by a live person who can manage the expectation of the caller of when you’ll get back to them.

You should have no less than three “buckets” of time throughout each day that are designated for responding to phone calls and emails: perhaps 10am – 11am; 2pm – 3pm; 5pm – 6pm.  This means that all calls or emails get responded to within 60 – 90 minutes.

This two-step time-management system allows you to uphold superior customer service standards and be extremely responsive while allowing you to control your time and have a life.

You’ve got to find a happy medium of taking calls and returning them.  It feels good to be in demand and have your phone ring; this gratification can also thwart your growth because you’ll constantly feel like you have no time for new business development.

Take back your business, take back your life!

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