A Guaranteed Way To Generate New Leads Every Day

I had a conversation with a branch manager last week; it was a cold call.

After I shared how my Rainmaker training and coaching program, he asked me about recruiting as he was looking to recruit some new loan originators.

I shared how my brother’s mortgage company (he runs a successful lender branch in Central Florida where I keep my license) is now up to close to 20 MLOs.

Branch manager: “How did he do that?”

Me: “He prospected them.”

Brach manager: “What does that look like?”

Me: “He picked up the phone and called loan originators from other companies and asked them if they were happy and if they’d be open to a cup of coffee.”

At the end of the conversation, the branch manager said, “Thank you for reminding me that this business is much simpler than we make it out to be.   If you just open your mouth consistently, you’ll get great results, period.”

He is spot on.

And obviously this is true not only for recruiting new MLOs in his case, but more importantly for generating new mortgage leads.

It’s easy to get away from lead generation when you get busy.  I have a full coaching schedule and I still manage to pick up the phone and prospect just about every single day, Monday – Friday, even though most of my business comes via referral at this point.

Why do I still telephone prospect?  3 reasons:

  1. To stay sharp and keep my edge as a coach;
  2. I’m good at it and it’s easy for me;
  3. It works.  EVERY SINGLE TIME.

So, what’s the easiest way to get leads?  Just open your mouth.

Obviously you want to be strategic about that – the top salespeople in a world use a script for every call/conversation they have (they may not use a physical script, looking at a sheet of paper anymore, but be assured, the words are absolutely script-based).

Are you having trouble staying consistently in lead-generation mode?

Here’s a simple tool I use with all my coaching clients that I want to give to you free of charge: the Daily Activity Tracker.

The Daily Activity Tracker is a simple document where you can manually track your business development activity every day.

It breaks down lead generation into several categories and assigns a point value for each one.  Your simple goal, every day, is to have a 10-point day.

If you have a 10-point day, every day, I guarantee you’ll be on track to double your business within 120 days and earn at least $250,000 or more.

Go ahead and download this document right now: Daily Activity Tracker.   Print out 5 blank copies at the beginning of each week.  Have it on your desk or carry it with you and fill it out throughout the day.

Commit to opening your mouth more often for the purpose of lead generation.  Call on realtors, bankers, builders, financial advisors and other lead sources; contact your past clients; get out and see your existing referral sources.

Anyone you hear talking about or buying (or selling) real estate, open your mouth and give them your card and ask for their contact information.

When you meet people, ask, “So, what do you do professionally?”  Be genuinely interested and curious.  It will lead to people naturally asking you what you do, and you can tell them and then seamlessly ask if they know of anyone looking to buy or sell real estate or refinance.

Be powerful (confident) but not pushy (arrogant).  If it ever feels awkward, remind yourself that your prospect is going to get a mortgage somewhere, why not get a great deal with awesome service from you?

Be curious and interested.  Ask questions.

Remember, this business really isn’t that hard.  Open your mouth to enough people each week and generate the quantity of leads you need to close your number of deals necessary to achieve your income goal.

Do you have a particular way of networking or an “elevator pitch” that efficiently opens conversations for you?  If yes, I’d love for you to share it in the comments section.




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