A poker player’s guide to more sales

I recently read a great article from a master coach about how he uses poker to practice gratitude and become the type of person that attracts people and wins trust.

When I read it I instantly thought that this is exactly how salespeople should operate to become powerful, confident and attractive.

Here’s what master coach Bill Baren wrote:

I use [poker] as a person growth/spiritual practice.  Here’s how:

#1 – Let go of attachment to goals and results

The best thing I can do in poker is to have a show down with 
someone where I push all my chips in with cards that are 
better than those of the person I am playing.  Does that guarantee that I will always win that hand?

NO.  Sometimes, 
somebody can beat me by catching a lucky card or two.

So I’ve created a practice of surrendering control everytime I play poker.  I practice doing the best I can to get 
into situations where I have the highest likelihood of succeeding and then I let go of what happens next, knowing that at that point, it’s out of my control. 

And if I lose, I take one deep breath out and with a smile let go of any 
residual feelings I have about losing that hand.  It’s an amazing practice.  And players around me notice it.

#2 – Be grateful no matter what cards you’re dealt

When I get 2 Aces (best possible cards), I am grateful. 
When I get a 7-2 off-suit (worse possible cards), I am grateful. 
When I get a Queen-10 (an average set of cards), I am grateful. 
When I win a hand I am supposed to win, I am grateful. 
When I lose a hand I am supposed to win, I am grateful.

No matter what the circumstances are, the only thing that 
remains constant is my state of gratitude.

What I love about these two practices in my poker game, is that I get to engage in them an average of 30-50 times per 
hour, which is the number of hands I get to play each hour. 
It’s amazing.

This training is carrying over for me into my business world, too. 

You can put yourself in the position to succeed with your 
marketing in your business, but you can’t always predict the 

You can have an amazing conversation with a potential client 
that somehow still doesn’t result you landing a client.  Every day is an opportunity to turn your business into your 
spiritual practice.

Read the full article by clicking here.

If you struggle with big emotional swings in your sales business – you get super high and excited when you have a BIG month, or you get really down when you have a mediocre or small month – your business is going to suffer.

Prospects and partners can “smell” when your confidence is low and you’re acting from a place of desperation.  They’ll walk away.

But if you’re detached from outcome and you’re truly operating from the position of abundance, joy, confidence and passion, you’ll “suck people in” and they’ll want to do business with you!

And they’ll tell their friends.

Some will, some won’t, so what, next.
If you can live by this principle, you can make a fortune in sales.

If you’d like some ideas on how you can be more emotionally even, detach from outcome, build your confidence and create steady growth for the rest of your mortgage career, contact me.

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