The Rainmaker Method guides Mortgage Loan Originators to build loyal relationships with top-producing realtor referral sources to create financial abundance and freedom.

About Marc

I am a coach and entrepreneur with expertise in sales, marketing, business development strategy and execution. 

Here’s the quick backstory on me: I had been a principle in a sales training outfit known as Richard Robbins International – one of the leading realtor, mortgage and self-employed sales training and coaching firms in North America.

After helping grow that business from 5 people and $500,000 in sales to 85 people and $10 million in sales in 5 years, my life was changing and I decided to get off the road (I was traveling 40 weeks a year).

My brother, Mike Manieri, had built a massive refinance mortgage company and asked me to come start and grow the purchase division of his company. I joined him in mid 2006.

In 1 year I built dozens of realtor relationships and we closed over 100 deals. Then the “mortgage meltdown” occurred and the business couldn’t sustain it’s overhead and folded.

I let go of all of my realtor contacts (one of the dumber things I’ve done in my professional life) and took my skills and experience into a start-up executive-coaching-turned-software company with a former business colleague.

In 2011 I rejoined my brother Mike and that was when he charged me with the responsibility of creating a repeatable, reliable and profitable business model for his small (now much bigger brokerage turned lender) by cultivating relationships with the real estate community.

In 6 months we completely changed the company’s culture and business model, transitioning from an internet lead company to a referral-source, relationship-based company.

For my part, in my first 4 months I prospected and met with 72 top-producing real estate agents, generated over 100 leads and closed 18 deals for $63,000 in commissions.

After 11 months that production soared and generated over $200,000 in commissions for the year.  I leveraged that success into teaching my relationshp-building systems to my brother’s small sales staff and that knowledge has helped the branch become the # 1 branch in the company nationwide out of over 50 branches.

And that is the short history behind how I founded The Rainmaker Method.

Here are some notable history and career highlights:

  • Graduated Butler University with a BS in Finance, with honors;
  • Played professional lacrosse in England (1999);
  • Captain of every athletic team I’ve ever been a part of;
  • Rookie real estate salesperson of the year (2000);
  • Made over 100,000 cold calls in my career, ranging from consumers to CEOs;
  • Performed over 800 small and large group presentations;
  • Achieved an average platform sales conversion rate of 40% over a 5 year period (selling a $700 3-day seminar);
  • Trained & coached over 10,000 salespeople, entrepreneurs and small business owners;
  • Helped build a B2B software business from scratch, generating over 100 clients in 1 year;
  • Voted Best Overall Camper in Woodcraft camp, summer of 1986 (10 years old).

It is truly my passion to help salespeople create both financial abundance AND balance and freedom in their lives. I’ve lived the life of the salesperson (I will always be a salesperson at heart…it’s in my blood) and know what it’s like to be “starving” and feel utter scarcity, and I’ve experienced  financial abundance from a sales career too.

I have invested tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in my self-education and pride myself on being a lifelong learner.

My greatest passion is connecting with people of like mind and values and building long-term, win-win, fruitful and fun relationships.

When I’m not growing my businesses and helping salespeople and entrepreneurs create abundance, balance and freedom in their lives, I’m home or travelling with my beautiful wife, Kristen, and my two amazing daughters, Elizabeth and Aly.

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If you want to get off the mortgage income roller coaster you’re in the right place.

If you want freedom you’re in the right place.

The Rainmaker Method is a comprehensive mortgage loan originator sales training program. It is laser-focused on helping loan originators establish a systemized, repeatable, reliable referral-generating engine in order to receive a lifetime of never-ending, quality mortgage leads. The system is broken down into 3 distinct phases:

  1. Sourcing top-producing realtors;
  2. Prospecting top-producing realtors;
  3. Strategically following up with top-producing realtors to establish deep relationships with them.

This system incorporates ALL the details that make the difference in establishing long-term, loyal referral source relationships.

The result is a life-changing business model that gives you the financial freedom and leverage you desire and deserve.

Sound like something you want?

Enter your name and email address below and I’ll send you my FREE report: Referral Source Mastery where you’ll learn exactly what makes top-producing realtors tick and what to say to them to earn their trust and capture their referrals quickly.