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I’ve been working with a new coaching client for a few weeks now and it’s clear that calling new realtors for coffee appointments is not his sweet spot.

Calling realtors does require a bit of finesse, and his personality makes that a stretch for him.  The result was that his conversion rate calling realtors was less than remarkable.

The question for us was: what is the next lead generation channel we’re going to tackle for immediate referral opportunities?

The answer?  Banks.

After just two days of calls it became clear that bank “turndowns” are going to be a phenomenal business development channel for him.

Here are his statistics thus far:

12 dials; 8 contacts; 4 appointments set; 2 appointments completed; 3 waiting to hear back from upper management; 1 no.

That’s a 50% contact to appointment ratio (which is fantastic) and 100% appointment success rate (the two appointments he went on have agreed to send him all the deals they can’t do and are extremely excited to have him as an outlet for clients they would otherwise have just say “no” to).

The Psychology

Before I share the script, let’s set the stage.

This particular client has an extremely black and white personality.  Things are either true or false and there is no gray area.

The way this translates into his prospecting is that it makes “finessing” a call very uncomfortable.

For example, in the realtor script I suggest saying, “the purpose for the call is that your name came up in a conversation last week I was having with another agent…”

Well, that may be directly or indirectly true, and for this particular client, the fact that it wasn’t “clean” and straightforward, tripped him up.

In fact, when he talks to people, he is extremely blunt and transparent.  So we created a script around this personality profile that is consistent with his communication style.

Key point: the prospecting scripts I create are very strategic.   Every word, sentence and sequencing is based on psychology.  However, that doesn’t mean they fit like a glove for every salesperson.

Scripts can be altered, but you should only do so when you’re tracking what works and what doesn’t work and basing everything on human psychology.

Here is the custom script we put together for my “black and white” client when calling banks.


The Script

Bank: “Hello, XYZ Bank, how may we serve you?”

MLO: “Hi.  Who is the loan manager?”

Bank: “Our lending manager (LM) is [name].  Would you like me to transfer you to her now?”

MLO: “That would be great.”

LM: “Hi this is [name], how may I help you?”

MLO: “Hi [name], this is [MLO name] from XYZ Mortgage Company.  I hope you can help me, but first I need to ask you a question upfront: does your bank have any policy about talking to or doing business with another mortgage company?”

[Psychology: straight-forward question that is unique in nature.  It creates intrigue by enticing the person to learn more and move forward in the conversation.  But based on my client’s personality and voice tonality, it is extremely sincere and genuine, which puts the banker at ease knowing that the caller is looking out for the banker’s interests before anything else.]

LM: “Uh, no, I don’t think so, why do you ask?”

MLO: “Well, my first concern is ensuring that no one gets in trouble.  I know some banks have literally fired people over doing business with other lenders, so that is my top priority.”

LM: “Well that shouldn’t be a problem here; so, what’s this about?”

MLO: “Well, as I mentioned, I’m with XYZ Mortgage Company and I know that we have loan products and guidelines that are different and more liberal than many of your guidelines, and I want to set an appointment with you to see if we can be an outlet for your clients.  For example, I know your guidelines prevent you from working with a borrower who has a credit score under “x;” we can work with borrowers down to a “y” credit score.  Would you be open to meeting about that?”

[Psychology: black and white, right?  It can’t get much more clear than this.  The MLO wants to service clients that the bank cannot.  Keep in mind, there is a lot more strategy once the MLO arrives at the face to face presentation.  But because the MLO is so sincere, the banker is left with little logic to justify saying no on the phone.  And the result is that most of the time they say yes.]

LM: “Actually, I think that’s a great idea.  Yes I would be.  When can you come in and see me?” [This is exactly what the “yes’s” have said!]

MLO: “How about tomorrow at “x” time?”

LM: “That works great, I look forward to meeting you.  See you tomorrow.”

Done and done.



So here’s the deal: you MUST make lead generation the first appointment of your day.  Part of what makes staying consistent in this activity is prospecting in ways that come easy to you.

That’s one of the BIG things I work on with my clients: designing prospecting “theme days” that feel like low-hanging fruit and come with relative ease.  (Busting through comfort zones is part of this too, so just because something is uncomfortable upfront doesn’t mean you should quit).

Remember, if you want consistent and predictable income, you must take responsibility for keeping your lead-generation engine running at all times.

Realtors, builders, bankers, networking groups, CPAs, Financial Advisors, referral source happy hours, past clients and sphere of influence are all people and ways you can proactively generate leads regularly.

How are you proactively generating leads?


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