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How To Be A Rainmaker

What The Most Elite Mortgage Loan Originators Think and Do To Build Massive Businesses


The Inspiration 

Every year The Scottsman Guide reports the highest-producing mortgage loan originators in the country.

When I assess the data, I am inspired by how a single person – in many cases with only one or two staff members – can close four, five, even six hundred or more loans year in and year out.

It is truly a staggering amount of production for a single individual and a small team to manage.

I teach loan originators how to cultivate referral partner relationships for a living and I’m damn good at it. And yet, the results that the country’s top loan originators are achieving blow me out of the water. I want to know: how do they do it? And, what do they sacrifice in order to attain such lofty production?

Most of my adult life has been spent studying what successful people think and do. The disparity in performance between high achievers and those that just get by has always piqued my curiosity.

Think about it: mortgage salespeople are in the same industry, operate within the same business climate with the same regulatory challenges and have the same 24 hours in a day.

What are the differences that vault an elite minority into the upper echelons of production and income while most struggle to close just a few deals every month?

These are the questions that consumed me for years in the mortgage business until my curiosity became just too great. So I set out to find the answers by interviewing and spending time with the most elite, productive and wealthiest mortgage loan originators in the country (and more than likely, in the world).

Inside this book are the answers. And I can tell you, unequivocally, that they are fascinating.

The Methodology

After interviewing and spending many hours with the country’s top mortgage sales performers, I decided to model the guts of my forthcoming book after Jim Collins’ iconic work, Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap…And Others Don’t.

While my research scope pales in comparison (I conducted all the interviews myself while Mr. Collins had a massive research team and a very large budget), I spent a year of my time combing through innumerable pages of notes and data and listening and re-listing to countless hours of interviews to find the common threads that connect the most elite mortgage originators.

Each chapter is a representation of these common threads that link the country’s top performers. In each chapter I make several references to specific individuals and their business.  The result is a literal “how to” book based on the core principles that are central to building an individual mortgage empire.

While I do not juxtapose the performers in the mortgage industry that fail to keep pace with their contrasting top performers like Collins does in his book, having coached and trained thousands of salespeople – many of which are originators – over the past 14 years, I felt qualified to make some assumptions as to why the lesser performers in the mortgage industry fail to breakthrough into the elite class that I interviewed. Those assumptions are shared throughout the book to create contrast between the two vastly different groups of mortgage salespeople.

CONCLUSIONS – Coming in 2014!