What Reality Are You Choosing For Yourself?

I subscribe to an inspirational email series called “Notes from the universe” by Mike Dooley.

Mike Dooley was in the critically acclaimed personal growth movie, The Secret and now he travels the world teaching people how to attract abundance into their lives.

If you’re not subscribed, I invite you to give it a shot.  You can do that here: www.tut.com

Here was a recent “note from the universe” that really resonated with me:

The lions and tigers and bears of time and space, Marc, are really the angels and fairies and unicorns that followed you here, in disguise, from world’s beyond, agreeing to poke, unnerve, and awaken you should you ever begin to forget that you’re making it all up – your life, that is.

Now that’s love –

     The Universe

Okay, now I get that if you’re not accustomed to this stuff it probably sounds really “out there” and maybe even ridiculous.  But there’s an important message being told.

The “lions and tigers and bears” are all the roadblocks and pain and demons we bump into in every day life.  And the perspective Mike brings is that those hurdles we face every day – health issues, relationship challenges, money problems, business challenges – are simply there to remind us that we have the power to create a different reality for ourselves.

We have the power to create a different reality for ourselves.  We are in control. 

That might be one of the most important things to ever learn, no?  The choice is ours!

So if you’re business is sluggish and your broke, or if you’re overworked and underpaid, of if there’s not enough hours in your day, or if your romantic partner eludes you, or anything else that isn’t the way you want it – then change it.

Right now.  You.  Can.  Change.

Today I choose to rewrite my training presentation and make it even more educational and inspirational.

Today I choose to build even more relationships with partners who align with my message and pass it along to their databases and mortgage contacts.

Today I choose to feel abundant and know that I have a super valuable message that thousands of mortgage originators will listen to this year.

You choose, or the lions and tigers and bears will choose for you.

What do you choose today?  Share in the blog comments.

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