“Before coaching, I was going to bed after 2a.m., 7 days a week.  Since the coaching, my work night is ending well before midnight and I’m actually spending time with my wife before bed. I am also enjoying time with my boys. My focus is now ON them, instead of my email or phone. My weekends and evenings after work are ALL theirs.

Also, being tired and stressed and hiding from “difficult” (bad news) phone calls wasn’t allowing the REAL Marc Bristol to come out. With coaching, I now realize that the tough conversations that I was avoiding were eating up the focus and productivity of my day. I’ve learned to take them on FIRST and to be really powerful in those conversations.  The rest of my day falls into place and my productivity has soared.

Marc was instrumental in helping me find and hire my new assistant, Lynne.  I was putting this off and “tolerating” not being fully supported because I was afraid of the effort it would take to make the change.  Marc’s coaching helped me get clear that I needed her, and I needed her now.

Lynne was receiving multiple offers at the time, and once I made my mind up, she had no chance. Neither did the other suitors for her. Thanks to the coaching, I didn’t just take the bull by the horns, I butchered the bull, had a feast for the village, and hung the horns on the mantle!  I now have a brilliant assistant that supports me unconditionally and allows me to stay focused in my sweet spot: building relationships and originating loans!

My production during the last 6 months has increased above $4 million/month consistently where I regularly compete for the top loan officer production in my office. I’m loving my job again, with less stress, less hours in front of the computer and enjoying my family again, while generating more income.”

Marc Bristol, West Palm Beach, FL

“It’s been a game changing five months we’ve spent together brother. When I started out with coaching I wanted to figure out this “secret” way of doing things to become successful.  I realized there is no secret strategy….it is much deeper yet simplistic.

I learned and implemented systems that saved me time, helped me optimize my efficiency, taught me how to hire and train an assistant, and implemented great strategies and tactics in both gaining and keeping new referral partners.

Two of the biggest takeaways I learned through our coaching were mindset and commitment. Without these two things, it is virtually impossible to achieve goals and implement strategies. You helped me overcome many of the mental roadblocks that I faced with how to build my business, my relationship with my business partner and my first hire.  In a nutshell, coaching has given me total confidence moving forward.

A great aha moment for me is that there is no right or wrong way to succeed in this business; you have the choice to work any angle you want for obtaining more business.  At the end of the day it’s all about figuring out what you want your business to look like and taking consistent action every day/week/month and over time it just grows.

You have done a great job in challenging me with the tough questions and “calling me out” when needed. By challenging me in this way it made me think about what I want in this business, how bad I wanted it, and how I was going to get it.

Entering our last month together I have 10 loans closing – double my monthly purchase loan average when we started – and will be the best purchase month I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to see what things will look like come this spring.  My ultimate goal is 20 loans per month which WILL happen in the next 12 months!

Overall, it was some of the best money I’ve ever spent on training for my mortgage business. I really enjoyed your approach and your candor….thank you!”

Todd Mummert - Baltimore, MD

I joined Marc for the 90-day “Double Your Pipeline” group coaching opportunity.  First and foremost, I did just that: doubled my pipeline in 90 days.  But coaching was so much more.  I quickly discovered there’s no hiding when coaching with Marc.  It’s easy in the mortgage business to fill your day with busy work, but this process forced me to get real around how I’m spending my time and to actually be productive.  

Having been in this business for over 20 years, I can now say with confidence that if you do real work, you get the results.  This is exactly what I experienced, and Marc’s guidance to keep me focused both in my activity and emotionally, was extremely valuable.

Harvey Collier, Delray Beach, FL
I more than doubled my pipeline and income inside of 90 days while working with Marc.  Coaching played a huge role in this effort.  I am a BIG advocate of Marc Manieri!

Tim Horr, Merritt Island, FL
I worked with Marc in his 90-day “Double Your Pipeline” program and I can honestly say this was some of the most productive time I have experienced in my 25 years in the business.  My results showed as I more than doubled my pipeline inside this timeframe.  

One of the biggest areas of growth for me has been my awareness of how my thoughts, emotions and attitude create my results.  I’ve been on “emotional auto-pilot” for years.  Now I take periodic breaks throughout the day and check in on what I’m thinking and what I’m doing. This work has caused me to turn myself from my own worst enemy into my greatest ally.   

To succeed long-term in this demanding, dynamic, stressful business, one must be aware of one’s thoughts and then know what to do with them : to leverage the powerful ones for extraordinary productivity, or to fight off the dis-empowering ones and get back to a positive state.   This process taught me how to do that and will serve me the rest of my life both inside and outside the business.

Anthony Cangas, Rolling Hills, CA

“As a brand new loan officer, it was critical that I learn as much as I could as quickly as I could.  Marc’s coaching shortened the learning curve so I could be more successful sooner than later. I had only closed one deal EVER shortly before I met Marc.  Now I’m closing 3-4 deals per month consistently.

I loved the nuggets of information Marc shared (anonymously) from other top producers he coached. I particularly liked how he pushed for accountability around my commitments. Marc “walks his talk” and is as much an entrepreneur and self-starter as I am, perhaps more so.   The consciousness that Marc exuded was really amazing – we had such amazing discussions about not only my business but around relationships and personal development. Our work together has enhanced ALL of my relationships.

It was extremely helpful to have deep, rich conversations about important parts of our lives, such as service, relationships, love, being unattached to outcomes… all of which plays directly into the growth of my business.”

Keith Lorigan, Boca Raton FL

“I wanted to thank you for your coaching and guidance over the last couple of months. I saw immediate results. Since implementing your Rainmaker method 8 weeks ago, my production has soared.

  • I’m meeting on average 5 new realtors per week, up from 2 realtors a week;
  • I have taken 25 new applications from new realtor referrals;
  • I have pre-approved 17 borrowers from new realtor referrals;
  • I have submitted 8 deals from new realtor referrals;
  • I will close 6 deals in August and am on pace to close 10 deals in September, up from an average of 1 – 2 deals/month!

Your guidance has helped me to shift my mentality, work schedule, task prioritization and prospecting strategy. These changes were critical ingredients to my current and projected success.  Thank you!”

Luis Macaluso - West Palm Beach, FL
One of the things The Rainmaker Method has helped me with as much as anything else has been my consistency.  I’ve been in the business for over 10 years now and my production has always been up and down.

Marc’s coaching and Rainmaker systems have helped me get more organized and keep me focused on building and cultivating new and existing referral sources on a regular basis.

The result has been the best production month I’ve had in the last 6 years translating into a better than $20,000 monthly income and a pipeline that continues to grow and keep my new income steady.

Todd Levensohn - Orlando, FL
What can I say about Marc and The Rainmaker Method?  Well, the guidance I’ve received around helping me grow my business has been awesome.  I’ve learned so much I don’t even know where to begin.

To put it in perspective, last year I did a total of 7 loans and got a part time job as a pool maintenance man.  This year is a totally different story since working with Marc.  I currently have over $1 million in my pipeline that will earn me over $20,000 and contracts are coming in every week!  

More important than the business – Marc’s coaching has truly changed my life.  My confidence and self-esteem have soared.  I’m more decisive and comfortable in my own skin than I’ve ever been.  Marc is a great person that truly, truly cares about people and I am grateful to call him a friend.

Joshua Dodd - Orlando, FL
As a 22 year veteran, what I love most about this program is that it is fundamental-based.  The proven strategy gives me the confidence to have powerful conversations with realtors and motivation from getting results quickly!

In my first day, I dialed for 1 hour, made 6 contacts and met with 4 agents.  8 months later I am still closing multiple deals a month from those agents that I cultivated strong relationships with.  I strongly recommend this program for anyone looking to grow their business – new or experienced.

Jeff Deloche - Merritt Island, FL
What I love most is the system.  When I stick to the system and stay focused on the high-dollar per hour activities, I am more organized, maintain consistency in production, make MORE money, and have LESS STRESS.  This program is helping me go from earning $20,000/month inconsistently to $30,000 EVERY month.
Lenny Moniz - Orlando, FL
The Rainmaker Method systems I’ve implemented have resulted in a steady stream of business for the last 90 days where I’ve averaged at least $20,000 in income and growing each month. 

The key for me has been the systems and the accountability.  I’ve been in the business for over 20 years and know what to do; coaching with Marc Manieri helped keep my priorities straight and keep me accountable to doing the important things more consistently, especially meeting new realtors and getting out and seeing my existing referral sources on a regular basis.

One of the Rainmaker Method systems I have implemented that has made a big difference is getting an assistant.  With an assistant looking after details, I can stay focused on what I do best which is keep the deals and leads coming in.

Al Valle - Orlando, FL
I enrolled in the Rainmaker system because I was in a brand new market and desperately needed to increase my lead flow, fast.  In the first 6 weeks I prospected and met with 27 realtors and have received a total of 25 new referrals from them.  In fact, I’ve become 1 agent’s LO of choice and have gotten 7 leads from him.  I now have over $2 million in volume I expect to close soon from just 45 days of using the Rainmaker system!
Neale Beightol - Gainesville, FL