How to achieve shockingly awesome growth in just 1 year

In my experience sales people underestimate the power of incremental growth.

We live in an instant-gratification world and if we don’t get what we want NOW (like, yesterday), then many will say it takes too long, it’s too hard, there’s not enough opportunity, the government won’t let it happen, there’s too much competition, my dog ate my homework.

In other words, we become excuse-machines.

Well check out this (shorter than) 2-minute video and tell me if you are as inspired as I was when I first watched it:

How To Achieve Shockingly Awesome Growth In Just 1 Year

Answer: incremental growth. Or as Bill Murray – a.k.a. “Bob Wiley” put it: baby steps. 

Quite honestly, this is not complicated.  Here is your process:

  1. Create a goal.
  2. Identify all the actions necessary to complete said goal.
  3. Prioritize the actions.
  4. Take on one action step at a time.  Schedule it.  Do it.  Follow through.  Practice.  Fail.  Tweak.  Try again.  Get better.  Get more comfortable.  Build confidence.  Try again.  Get good.  Create a habit.
  5. Tackle next item on list.  Repeat experimental process.
  6. Complete task list.  Achieve goal.

I would love to know: what do you want to accomplish in the next year?  What will you commit to accomplishing in the next year?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below, or email me.

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