How To Win Realtor Relationships Without Experience Or Product Knowledge

Answer?  Enthusiasm.

Now, I could end the post right there, but that wouldn’t be any fun for me.  So let me bring this to life through a story, and also give you an idea of exactly how to bring enthusiasm.

This story is told in a blog post from Dan Kennedy, one of my marketing mentors, which I highly recommend you subscribe to.  (You can read the full post and subscribe by clicking here).

“The year was 1907.

Frank Bettger was fired from Johnstown Pennsylvania, Triple State baseball team.

Shocked, he went to his manager and asked him why.

His manager told him that he was lazy and told him he dragged himself around the field. Believing himself ambitious and wanting to get to the top, that was the last thing Bettger expected to hear.

His manager’s parting words, “Wake yourself up, and put some life and enthusiasm into your work!”

Bettger reported to his new team in Chester, Pennsylvania where he took a pay cut from $175 per month to just $25 a month.

Bettger says, “Well, I couldn’t feel very enthusiastic on that kind of money, but I began to act enthusiastic.”

His new enthusiasm gained him a trial at a team in New Haven, Connecticut. Inspired, he made up his mind to establish himself as “the most enthusiastic ball player they’d ever seen.”

It paid off. In just ten days he raised his salary 700%, from $25 per month to $185 per month.

Within two years he was playing third base for the St. Louis Cardinals, multiplying his income thirty times.  Bettger says, “I got this stupendous increase in salary not because I couldn’t throw a ball better—or catch or hit better, not because I had any more ability as a ball player…Enthusiasm alone did it.”

New loan originators often ask me how they’re going to be able to impress a realtor without any product knowledge or experience.

The answer, quite simply, is through enthusiasm.  Agents don’t care how much you know in the moment that you meet them.  If you can connect with them and establish a rapport and chemistry, they’ll give you a shot.

They might test you with a few questions, and you can just say “let me double check when I get back to the office.” Simple.

Enthusiasm is an equally important character trait for older, veteran loan originators trying to generate more business.

I often get over 40s and 50-somethings complaining about realtor meetings that seemingly went well but no referrals ever come out of it.

My guess?  You’re boring and have no rapport.  I always say, be interested, not interesting. 

Ask lots of questions; be genuinely interested in the answers and authentically enthusiastic in your rapport.  This is the path to multiple referral source relationships and lots of leads!

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