Make Peace With Your Prospecting

Prospecting is a lot like taxes. Resist or avoid and experience great pain; accept and engage and receive great benefits.

Think about it: taxes are necessary to live in a civil society. Our contribution funds our local, state and federal governments.  In return we receive infrastructure, safety, education and more.  We give, we get.

Taxes are fundamentally vital to living a prosperous life.  When we know the return on our contribution is valuable and enriches our lives, we can be at peace with paying our fair share.  It becomes just part of what we do, everyday.

After all, if we lived without roads, bridges, police and firemen, our armed forces and school systems, living in America would kind of suck.

Prospecting is amazingly similar.  The outflow of our resources (time, energy, money) can seem painful at first; but if we can visualize and know with certainty that the return on our contribution will be rich, then putting forth the effort becomes just a way of life.

3 Steps To Make Peace With Your Prospecting 

Step 1: Accept the necessity of it

Taxes are necessary for any democratic, free nation to govern itself and offer its citizens a stable platform where anyone can be, do or have whatever they desire.  They are the foundation for a stable nation-state.

Prospecting is the exact same component as it relates to your business.  In order to have constant, steady, reliable output (i.e. closings and income), you must have constant, steady input.  Prospecting must be done to perpetuate input.  The cool thing is, there are dozens of different prospecting avenues, and you get to choose which work for you.

Accepting the necessity of prospecting is pure logic.  Remove the emotion and simply acquiesce to the fact that without steady input, there can be no desired output.

Step 2: Create a discipline of consistency

I’m self-employed so I don’t have taxes withheld from my paycheck.  But I’ve created the discipline to set aside “x” percent of every revenue dollar that hits my bank account.  In fact, to remove any temptation to hoard revenue without putting aside tax dollars, I made it automatic.  When money hits my business account, the “x” percent that goes to taxes occurs instantly.  In this way it is a forced discipline.

Prospecting should be the same way.  Of course it will require more effort because you always have the power to veto your schedule and choose to do something else, but your prospecting time should occur like my tax dollars that automatically get removed when money hits the business account.

I recently interviewed a top-producing loan officer who produces over $100 million each year.  Every single day without fail from 9am – 11am she “goes fishing” for deals.  The sign on her office window actually says that, and her staff knows under no circumstances is she to be disturbed during that time.  She’s been doing it for about 17 years.   And at this point, it is truly automatic.  If she didn’t prospect from 9 – 11 each morning she would literally feel “broken.”

Make prospecting live in your calendar every day.  Fight the temptation to be “busy” doing other things.  In time, you will create a magnificent discipline that will offer bountiful input.

Step 3: Thrive in your daily habit

A funny thing occurs when you create the discipline of prospecting: you get really good at it.  And guess what happens when you are really good at something and produce consistent results from your efforts?  You become inspired to do it again.

Perhaps that feels impossible right now, that you would be so effective at prospecting that you would actually be inspired to do it.  But it’s no different from eating healthy or exercising.  At some point the pain of doing the activity becomes eclipsed by the pleasure of the result and you begin to thrive in the work.  It is a universal principle that works with everything and never fails.

One of my favorite quotes is from an anonymous Chinese philosopher who said to his protégé, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water; after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

To achieve “enlightened” earnings, prospect.  After you’ve achieved said earnings, [if you want to maintain them], prospect.  Accept it as a daily ritual.  Make it a daily habit.  Remove any decision to do or not to do.  It is simply “what’s so.”

This is the way of the warrior salesperson.  And it is, to be sure, enlightened.

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