Power + Finesse: 2 Skills You Need To Become An Elite Rainmaker

In Phil Jackson’s new book, “Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success,” he suggests that a big part of what made Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant two of the greatest basketball players of all time were their power and finesse.

Jordan could take over a game by powering through attackers while Kobe would get through a crowd and to the rim with finesse.

In the end, however, both players combined these crucial skills in a way that will forever bronze them as perhaps the two greatest basketball players of all time.

Finesse and power are equally the yin and yang of prospecting.  If you have the right balance of these two skills you can make a fortune in sales.


The Definition of Power

I like to say that to be a great telephone prospector you must have a high level of confidence, even a “chip on your shoulder.”

One of things you have to be aware of when using the phone to develop business is that if people aren’t expecting your call, their natural instinct is going to be to try and get you off the phone.

The powerful prospector has the advantage, though, because most people resist confrontation and perceive being direct and telling you “no” as being too rude.

Being powerful in this case allows you to control the conversation and move through a prospect’s initial resistance.

Power = confidence + control when it comes to prospecting.


The Definition of Finesse

Finesse is the “yang” to power’s “yin.”

Finesse tempers the power through the use of emotion, charisma and charm and ultimately makes you likeable.

Developing finesse as a prospector is directly tied to your level of emotional intelligence.  By that I mean, your ability to be aware of and manage your prospect’s thoughts and feelings.

You exude finesse when you sense that your prospect is becoming annoyed, impatient, frustrated; or equally when you sense your prospect loosen up, give you their full attention or fully engage.

Once you recognize this shift in your prospect’s emotional state, you lead the prospect strategically down a path to achieve your desired result: an appointment or a sale.

Finesse = awareness + likability through emotions when it comes to prospecting.


Using Power & Finesse To Prospect Realtors

The following is a common conversation I had with dozens of realtors over multiple prospecting sessions.  Every conversation I executed consisted of the right combination of power and finesse that culminated in a high contact to appointment conversion rate of over 50%.

Let’s take a look at a typical prospecting call for me:

Agent: “This is Susan.”

Me: “Is this Susan?”

(POWER: Direct and ensuring I’ve captured her attention)

Agent: “Yes it is…”

Me: “Hi Susan, it’s Marc Manieri from XYZ Mortgage; how are you?”

(FINESSE: light and playful, high energy, smiling when I ask the question)

Agent: “I’m doing fine, how are you?”

Me: “Great!  Listen, Susan, we don’t know each other but I’m calling because your name came up in a conversation I had last week with another agent…do you know XYZ agent with XYZ company?”

(POWER: Confidently telling why I’m calling and asking the question with a serious tone that maintains her attention)

Agent: “I don’t think so…”

Me: “Oh, well, I do all of XYZ agent’s business and during a business planning session she showed me a recent agent award’s report she pulled from the MLS listing the top 5% of agents in all of Orlando….guess who’s name was on that list, Susan?”

(FINESSE: slightly laughing as I ask her ‘guess who’s name…’ to keep it gregarious while I stroke her ego)

Agent: “I guess me, right?”

Me: “You guessed it!  C’mon, you keep track of these statistics don’t you Susan?”

(FINESSE: Laughing, keeping it light, sensing she’s engaged and curious, strategically using her name)

Agent: “Not really.”

Me: “Well, I was really impressed when I saw your production in this tricky market and that inspired me to reach out to you.  So Susan, I don’t know what you do from a lending standpoint, but would you be open to me buying you a cup of coffee and sharing how my team offers a really amazing buyer experience and also how we generate qualified buyer leads free of charge for you every month?

(POWER: Confident, direct, ask for appointment; FINESSE: stroking the ego, being extremely genuine in my desire to meet, keeping the meeting easy to commit to over a friendly cup of coffee)

Agent: “Well, I appreciate the offer but we have an in house lender….

Me: [cutting her off] “Susan, if you’ll allow me to interject, you and I have both been in the business long enough to know that agents don’t choose to work with an in house lender because their broker mandates it.  Every agent chooses their lender based on trust and their ability to execute. 

I believe that no one executes better than my team, and we’re good people that deeply care about the buyer’s experience.  Give me the chance to share some unique ideas with you over coffee for just 20 minutes.  If you like what you hear, we’ll explore doing business together; if not, no hard feelings, we’ll part ways.  Is that fair?”

(POWER: cutting her off, taking control, being direct and articulate, challenging her ego by saying ‘we’ve been in this business long enough to know…’; FINESSE: slowing it down at the end, using delicate, strategically “soft” words like ‘unique ideas’ and ‘explore’ and ‘no hard feelings’)

Agent: “Alright, that’s fair.”

Me: “Super!  I really appreciate your open mind and promise not to waste your time. …” [confirm appointment day/time and email]

(FINESSE: authentically appreciating her; POWER: ‘promise not to waste your time’ is very direct and to the point; confirming the details)

And that is how a typical realtor prospecting call balances both finesse and power when prospecting a top-producing, experienced real estate agent.

It is very difficult for the agent to say no; it defies logic.  You’ve exuded a level of confidence that is compelling and must come from tremendous experience which mean you probably are as good as you say you are; and then you’ve equally shown a playful side that makes you fun and interesting and a little mysterious.  You also commanded respect when you powerfully handled her flimsy objection.

In a word, you are irresistible, and very few will be able to turn away from your dynamic style.

Does it take a little practice?  Sure.

Can it be duplicated?  One hundred, thousand percent.

I can get most loan originators sounding exactly like me (or close to it) in literally a few hours of intensely working together.


A Unique Opportunity

If you are interested in becoming a master prospector and an elite Rainmaker that drives in dozens of quality leads every month from loyal, top-producing realtors, I have a unique offer for you.

I am taking on three (3) new clients to specifically turn them into master prospectors.  By master I mean ‘Obi One.’

We are going to spend three intense days together on an exclusive, high-intensity retreat where I teach you everything I know about prospecting and turn you into a jedi master of prospecting.

The retreat will be a combination of skill training, practice and implementation – real prospecting of the elite realtors in your city and locking them down for appointments!

Failure is not an option.

This is not a posh getaway to a resort; this is an intense event with early mornings and late nights for serious loan originators that want to play at the highest level.

If you are interested in applying for one of these three spots, or think one of your colleagues would be a good candidate, contact me to set up an interview to determine if you or your peer qualify.

I look forward to seeing who steps forward!

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