Earn $25,000 - $50,000 Every Single Month For The Rest Of Your Mortgage Career

Unlock The Secrets To Finding, Meeting & Retaining High-Producing Realtors For A Lifetime Of Never-Ending Mortgage Leads

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The # 1 reason mortgage originators fail is because of their inability to generate qualified leads on a consistent, regular basis.

Period, end of story.

Here’s exactly what this scenario looks like: you prospect, generate leads, service the leads, make some money, and just when you’re feeling good about closing some deals – you fall off the income cliff because your lead generation engine stopped cold.

The impact is that every other month you’re angry and frustrated, and living in fear and in “scarcity” that there’s just not enough business out there for you and you can’t seem to ever figure out how to be consistent.

These feelings produce an attitude and energy that absolutely repel any and all referral opportunities from coming your way.  (Think about it: as a consumer, how often have you encountered a frustrated, resentful, desperate salesperson that totally turned you off??)

Then you muster up all the energy you can find to prospect some more and finally get some more leads that you cling to like saran wrap because if these new prospects don’t close, you’re in for a world of financial hurt.

This is what I call the “heartbeat of mortgage sales” – the ups and downs that make so many mortgage salespeople absolutely crazy.

With The Rainmaker Method it’s extremely likely and realistic for you to have consistency in your mortgage business and income in the next 90 days by following a very SIMPLE but STRATEGIC system of finding, meeting, and retaining high-producing realtors. 

The Rainmaker Method is a simple, proven and easily duplicated system designed specifically to do ONE thing extremely efficiently: find, meet and retain high-producing realtors who send you a lifetime of never-ending mortgage leads.

The reason why the “heartbeat of mortgage sales” is so rampant and so many mortgage originators live month-to-month is because:

  1. There is no fundamental, consistent sales training in the mortgage licensing process.  The NMLS is a product of a reactive government over-regulating the industry in an attempt to protect the consumer; it overlooks the importance of proper sales training tactics, a reason why many originators have gone “rogue” in the past – desperately trying to make ends meet and generate a consistent income by any means possible.
  2. There is no system in place to execute and get quick results.  If you were given a set of “success instructions” and your manager said “follow these steps to the letter,” your chances of early success – and learning long-term good sales habits – would dramatically increase.
  3. Sales people are a product of their environment.  Without a success system to follow, sales people will naturally look around and do what everyone else does.  90% are doing it wrong, poorly, or inconsistently and that leads most originators down the wrong path from the get go.

In many respects, if you’re living inside the “heartbeat of mortgage sales” it’s not your fault.  I don’t say that to give you permission to not take responsibility for your results – but the truth is that mortgage originators have been set up for failure.

Only those that have followed a proven system (or have created their own system) for success end up consistently generating a healthy monthly income and break out of the “heartbeat of mortgage sales” burn out cycle.

How The Rainmaker Method Was Born

In 2011 I was charged with developing a foolproof sales training program that originators could easily duplicate and achieve quick, reliable and consistent results.

I knew that realtors were the golden ticket to a steady stream of leads, and there were 3 critical questions I needed to figure out the answers to:

  1. How do I find and tap into a never-ending supply of high-producing realtors?
  2. What do I say to high-producing realtors that would instantly motivate them to want to meet with me?
  3. What do I do to not only get a high-producing realtor to send me an initial deal but become a loyal referral source for life?

I wasn’t sure if it was going to be tricky or not because with the exception of my parents, I knew not a single agent in the city.

Here’s exactly what happened and more importantly what I discovered:

  • I met with 72 high-producing realtors in 4 months;
  • Those meetings produced about 100 leads, exactly 18 closings and roughly $63,000 in commissions; (production that DOUBLED in the next 6 months after proving to be able to execute deals superbly);
  • The mortgage originators inside my mortgage office who actually implemented the system’s principles began to recognize consistent growth in their own businesses;
  • I  unlocked the secret behind how to obtain loyalty from agents and ward off “advances” from other mortgage originators – a strategic process that has become the foundation of The Rainmaker Method.

So what is the secret to getting realtors to become loyal and send me ALL of their deals?   A ruthless commitment to follow up and strategic communication.

If you want to WIN BIG with realtors, you have to be ruthless with your schedule and follow up with your realtors in a very strategic, consistent way that literally blows their mind as to how amazing and steady your communication is.

And I’m not talking about communicating well inside the deal; that’s expected.  I’m talking about communicating strategically outside the deal.  Therein lies the secret sauce of The Rainmaker Method!

In fact, by ruthlessly following the system, your realtors are so impressed with your consistency, many actually feel honored to do business with YOU!  Coming from a realtor, I think you would agree that’s pretty special!

Consistent and strategic follow up is beyond a shadow of a doubt the difference between elite mortgage originators who consistently earn a healthy 5 or 6-figure monthly income and every one else stuck inside the “heartbeat of mortgage sales.”
Here Are The Results I Want You To Celebrate After Experiencing The Rainmaker Method & Implementing Rainmaker Strategies:
  • Total confidence when picking up the phone to prospect high-producing realtors (or any referral source);
  • The ability to authentically connect with prospective referral partners and win their trust;
  • Turn your loan origination career into a well-oiled business machine that is repeatable, predictable and profitable;
  • Develop dozens of reliable referral sources that consistently send you leads every single month for the rest of your career;
  • Generate a healthy 5 or 6-figure income every single month!
  • Focus on high-dollar per hour activities and create a leveraged business with reliable team members!
  • Create a disciplined, efficient ideal day and week that offers you total balance in your life so you can shut your phone off evenings, weekends, and holidays!
  • ENJOY your business and look-forward to your work every day!
These Results Are Totally Possible For You!
“As a 22 year veteran, what I love most about this program is that it is fundamental-based.  The proven strategy gives me the confidence to have powerful conversations with realtors and motivation from getting results quickly!  In my first day, I dialed for 1 hour, made 6 contacts and met with 4 agents.  8 months later I am still closing multiple deals a month from those agents that I cultivated strong relationships with.  I strongly recommend this program for anyone looking to grow their business – new or experienced.”
Jeff DeLoche, Thomas Louis Mortgage
“What I love most is the system.  When I stick to the system and stay focused on the high-dollar per hour activities, I am more organized, maintain consistency in production, make MORE money, and have LESS STRESS.  This program is helping me go from earning $20,000/month inconsistently to $30,000 EVERY month.” 
Lenny Moniz, United Mortgage Partners
“I enrolled in the Rainmaker system because I was in a brand new market and desperately needed to increase my lead flow, fast.  In the first 6 weeks I prospected and met with 27 realtors and have received a total of 25 new referrals from them.  In fact, I’ve become 1 agent’s LO of choice and have gotten 7 leads from him.  I now have over $2 million in volume I expect to close soon from just 45 days of using the Rainmaker system!” 
Neale Beightol, Resmac

The Rainmaker Method guides you step-by-step through the key phases of developing a never-ending supply of qualified mortgage leads:

Intro Phase – Set Up Internal Systems & Get Organized
  • Email System – How to keep your email organized to ensure no details ever fall through the cracks;
  • Calendar System – How to set up your online calendar to stay productive and focused all day long using the crucial “time-blocking” concept;
  • Lead Follow Up System – How to ensure no lead ever slips through the cracks and track all requests inside of each deal for maximum organization and accountability;
Internal Systems & Get Organized System Value = $497

Phase I – Sourcing High-Producing Realtors

  • “Abundance” mindset: factual proof that there’s more than enough opportunity to go around;
  • Sourcing high-producing realtors option # 1;
  • Sourcing high-producing realtors option # 2;
  • 2 alternative sources for finding high-producing realtors;
  • How to categorize your list and track results (downloadable template).
Sourcing High-Producing Realtors System Value = $997
Phase II – Prospecting High-Producing Realtors
  • Prospecting script # 1 (downloadable script);
  • Prospecting script # 2 (downloadable script);
  • The psychology and strategic language that motivate agents to instantly want to meet with you;
  • Objections and how to overcome them (downloadable script);
  • The appointment process: 1) building rapport and getting agents to like you; (downloadable rapport questions document); 2) strategically presenting your value proposition and earning trust; 3) asking for the business;
  • How to BE ATTRACTIVE: giving yourself the BEST chance for establishing chemistry and building trust.
High-Producing Realtors Prospecting System Value = $1,495
Phase III – High-Producing Realtors Follow Up & Loyalty System
  • The 4 x 4 monthly touch plan;
  • How to track your communication and follow up (downloadable template);
  • How to track leads and closings and get more leads from your referring agents (downloadable template);
  • Strategically spending time with your top 20%;
High-Producing Realtors Follow Up System Value = $997
Plus…Get 6 BONUS Modules Absolutely Free!
  • Bonus Module # 1 – 1 Day/1 Month/1 Year Customer Follow Up plan;
  • Bonus Module # 2 – Jump-starting your business via your Sphere of Influence (SOI);
  • Bonus Module # 3 – High Dollar/hour Activities – “Make” money vs. “Take” money activities (downloadable document);
  • Bonus Module # 4 – Win the Listing Agent;
  • Bonus Module # 5 – Lunch Introductions;
  • Bonus Module # 6 – Hiring your First Team Member.
Bonus Modules Value = $797
Register for The Rainmaker Method NOW and receive:
  • Lifetime Access to The Rainmaker Method Members ONLY area;
  • Unlimited Access to All Intro Phase Modules – Internal Systems to get organized and maximize productivity;
  • Unlimited Access to ALL Phase I – Sourcing High-Producing Realtors Modules;
  • Unlimited Access to ALL Phase II – Prospecting High-Producing Realtors Modules;
  • Unlimited Access to ALL Phase III – High-Producing Realtors Follow Up System;
  • Free lifetime access to all NEW Content Modules!  We add fresh, updated content – videos, scripts, templates, downloads and more – EVERY MONTH!
  • Unlimited Peer-To-Peer Interaction – Communicate with and learn from Top-Producing mortgage originators from across the country and share tips, ideas, challenges, solutions and best practices;
  • 2 FREE Months of Rainmaker Group Coaching Calls!  Laser-focused on specific training areas based on member needs and challenge areas, and unlimited LIVE Q&A to answer ALL of your questions and concerns.
  • PLUS: Rainmaker group coaching members get to send me a prospecting call recording EVERY SINGLE MONTH where I analyze, breakdown and offer custom feedback to enhance your prospecting skills!  This is included in your 60-day Rainmaker Group Coaching Free Trial!
The Complete Rainmaker Method System Value = $4,783
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Use The Rainmaker Method for 30 days and if at any time you feel like you did not get good value for your investment, or decide for ANY reason that this program is just not for you, let us know and we’ll cheerfully return 100% of your original investment in a timely manner.

“I believe the people who are attracted to this opportunity are here because they intend to put this valuable training into action.  If you do that, I have no doubts that you will achieve your business and income goals, and I am here to support you along your journey. “

Marc Manieri

Founder, The Rainmaker Method