The mindset of a world class performer

People who achieve at the highest levels have a different mindset compared to their “ordinary” peers.

Here’s the difference:


The mortgage business is the easiest business in the world to be a victim.  There are an innumerable number of people and places where you can shift blame.

But I’ll tell you this: the very BEST loan originators in the country – for sure the wealthiest – take complete ownership for the outcome of every loan.  Every. Single. Time.

How do I know?  Because I’m interviewing them for my upcoming book.

There’s an old sales principle that suggests, “If you want to be successful, do what successful people do.” I think believe this is a trap.  Because the truth is, the best way for YOU – or anyone – to be successful is to be the most powerful version of you.  Not the # 1 producer in your office.  Not the # 1 producer in your state, or even in the country.

You.  You have to find the ways to produce business that resonate with you, try them on, and then make them your own.

How can you get moving in this direction, fast?  Modify the old sales principle to this: “If you want to be successful, think how successful people think.”

Once you take complete ownership – where you honor your commitments and completely eradicate excuses – then you give yourself the freedom and the confidence to build your business your way and allow your business to be comfortable in its own skin.

What would be different in your business or life if you took full ownership and stepped into the mindset of a world-class performer?  Be bold.  Step out and share your thoughts in the comments section below.  Or just say whether or not you like the “owner/victim” image.

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