The Most Important Sales Presentation Tactic To Win Realtor Trust

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Earlier this week I read a report produced by the Rain Group – a high profile B2B sales training group that works with Fortune 500 companies.

The report studied the sales winners of over 700 recent B2B sales opportunities and found several behaviors that these sales winners do differently than their second place counterparts.

There was one behavior in particular that was the key to convincing buyers in today’s highly competitive sales environment.

Execute this crucial tactic – convince the buyer.  Fail to implement – lose the sale and worse, lose the relationship.  Below you’ll find the summary of the report (and a hyperlink to the opt in for it if you want to read it cover to cover) and the crucial tactic you should use in all of your realtor meetings.


Report Summary

Their new report, What Sales Winners Do Differently, suggests that sales winners consistently demonstrate behaviors on three levels:

Level 1 – Connect

Level 2 – Convince

Level 3 – Collaborate

The old model of “solution” selling – finding a need and demonstrating you can fulfill that need – is no longer enough to close sales because people are more educated and more evolved than ever before.

The report suggests that the following behaviors are crucial to winning more sales, more consistently:

  • Connect with people personally;
  • Connect the dots to demonstrate understanding of needs and craft compelling solutions;
  • Persuade buyers you are the best choice (differentiate);
  • Minimize the perception of risk;
  • Persuade buyers they will achieve worthy results;
  • Bring unique value to the table by educating buyers around new and unique ideas and perspectives;
  • Collaborate by proactively bringing new ideas to buyers while co-creating opportunities.

One of the key behaviors revealed in detail within the report in the “Level 2- Convincing” phase is minimizing the perception of risk.

Sellers who minimized the perception of risk with their respective buyers more often than not would win the sale.  When buyers were interviewed, they suggested that a large factor in choosing the seller who won their business over their  “second place” counterparts was that the “second place” seller did not effectively remove the perception of risk.

Knowing this is huge.  The question is: how can loan originators apply this behavior during their sales presentation?


How To Minimize The Perception of Risk With Realtors

This is where the power of the “Golden Phrase” comes in.  If you’re not familiar with the Golden Phrase, this is a strategic communication point towards the end of your face-to-face meeting with a top-producing realtor.

The Golden Phrase sounds like this:

“[John], one of the most important thoughts I want to share with you is that I understand that when you refer a third party to your buyer – especially the mortgage originator who is so crucial to the success of the deal – you put your credibility on the line.  So I understand that if my communication is poor or lacking, if I don’t do a thorough job qualifying the borrower, if I don’t close on time or if I don’t offer them a phenomenal experience in any capacity, you get egg all over your face and that relationship is damaged.  But even worse than that, I jeopardize your ability to capture future repeat and referral business from that client.  I get it.  My team gets it.  And that’s why we work extremely hard at executing deals with maximum effectiveness. Now I know this sounds good, and you’re not really going to know until we do a deal together, but at least you know it’s at the forefront of my mind and it’s my highest priority.“

You see, all realtors have an unspoken concern that they need satisfied before they’ll ever do business with you.  And that concern is: “are you going to make me look good?”

You can tell a realtor how great you are all you want but until you communicate the Golden Phrase, you haven’t minimized their perception of risk.

Originators tell me all the time that they go out on realtor appointments and they think everything went great – they made a great connection, they built rapport, they presented all the unique loans they can do – but then nothing happens afterwards.

No referrals ever come.

There are a lot of factors that determine whether you get leads or not, but one of biggest factors is whether or not you make them feel safe and minimized their risk of looking bad in the eyes of their client.

The face-to-face realtor meeting is not a friendly chitchat.  And if you’re treating it that way – if you think it’s all about building rapport and getting to know each other – you might make a friend but you won’t win a referral source partner.

Every meeting with a realtor or any other potential referral source partner must be strategically designed and executed.  You need to practice it just like you would if you were a professional tennis player practicing a new serve.  If you want to score an ace and win, you have to practice until it becomes a seamless extension of your game.

The next time you’re in a realtor meeting, after you present your value proposition and before you ask for a referral, share the Golden Phrase.  If you combine this with a strategic presentation, you’ll win more referral sources over and rapidly drive your leads.

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