The single fastest way to increase your production

If you were looking for a realtor prospecting tactic here you’re going to be disappointed.  It would be impossible to share any one sales tip that is perfectly applicable to everyone.

And therein lies the point: the answer to increasing your loan production fast is not doing what everyone else is doing, it’s doing the most effective thing for you.

So the better question is, “How do I find out the most effective business development strategy for me?”

The Three Most Powerful Questions In Business

Ready?  Here they are:

  1. What is working?
  2. What is not working?
  3. What do I commit to doing differently, starting right now?

That’s it.  Now, it would be ridiculously easy to read this, roll your eyes, click away and lose sight of it in your rearview mirror.

But that would be a mistake.  Because here’s the thing: the only reason you’re reading this blog right now is because in some capacity you’re dissatisfied with your current business.  You want more deals, more clients, more time, more leverage, more money.  More, more, more.

So try this out.

Go to your calendar right now and block out 30 minutes to answer these three questions.  Give yourself a chance and be in a distraction free environment.

The best way to speed up your business is to slow down and start using your brain.

I promise you your business will change for the better when you go through this exercise!

Come back to the blog and post your results.

Walking My Talk

By the way, I’m using this strategy right here and right now inside this blog post.  Each week I look at my blog readership analytics and I ask myself the 3 questions.  I discovered that my longest blog posts tend to have less views, and sexy subject lines that reference lead generation and sales growth in some capacity inspire more views.

So I’m incorporating that into this ultra short blog post.  We’ll see if it works.  Either way, by asking the 3 questions I’m working smarter and cutting a shorter path to achieve my desired outcome.

So, what about you?  Post the answers to your questions in the comments section below.  I look forward to reading them and I’ll commit to offering feedback on anyone who takes the time to do this.



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