Will you create or be created?

You either create your life, or your life is created for you.

I’m currently reading Napolean Hill’s brilliant work, Outwitting the Devil.

In this book, Hill interviews the devil.  The devil reveals in fantastic form exactly how successful people evade “His Majesty’s” grasp and create a life of wealth and abundance.

The devil shares that the greatest difference between those that have (or will) accumulated wealth and abundance is that they choose to think for themselves.  All others become “drifters” – succumbing to a life where they simply react, automatically and without discretion or thought, to life’s circumstances.

Are you a thinker or are you a drifter?

I choose to be a thinker.  I choose creation.  I choose wealth and abundance.  I choose my life.

What do you choose?  Go public with your plans.  Set a powerful intention and share it with the world, starting with my blog comments below!

I can’t wait to learn about your goals and cheer you on!

Here is what I choose to create in 2014:

  1. A mastermind group for 8 powerful mortgage loan originator producers who leverage each other’s intelligence for massive creation in 2014.
  2. A spiritual practice that centers around regular meditation.
  3. To turn my home into a beautiful sanctuary.
  4. To buy at least 2 new rental units.
  5. A half million dollar human development business with my business partner, Carrie.
  6. An entire summer of quality family time with my wife and daughters.

Now it’s your turn.  What will you create in 2014?  Please share in the comments below.

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